Biography Edit

Owner of the beloved Candy Emporium, a wondrous candy factory that brought joy to children everywhere. His factory made him wealthy beyond his wildest dreams. As the town grew and children became more infatuated with comics, toys and video games the Candy Emporium was slowly forgotten. Out of desperation, the Candy King locked himself in his manor and concocted countless candies in an attempt to craft the most addictive sugary treat the world had ever seen. Blinded by his cursed experiments, his wife and three daughters soon left the manor. The king had become a shadow of his former self.

While under the thralls of his curse, the Candy King becomes the Phantom King.

Dialogue Edit

"Can it be? Am I free of this dreaded sugar-coated curse?! …No…Not quite. Oh, child. It’s with overwhelming gratitude that I thank you for waking me from my eternal nightmare. You see, I was once known as the Candy King. Perhaps you’ve heard of me, and the candy shop I once owned. I loved coming up with new, delicious candies to share with the world. It brought me great happiness, and an unwavering sense of purpose. Not to mention great fortune as well. But then... things began to change. Children fell in love with more than just candy. Comic books. Fancy new toys. Even video games. My time as a prosperous candy maker was coming to an end - and in my desperation, I made a grave error in judgment. I made a deal with the devil, so to speak. And before long, I became the monster you just encountered. This curse has yet to be fully dispelled. Soon, I’ll return to the darkness, again to terrorize any who dare enter my manor. Quickly, before I lose myself again - I can open a door for you to escape this place."

"I only ask that you take this small token with you. It’s a special candy - the last of my creations before I lost my sanity."

"What was your name? Molli Pop? I’m sorry I couldn’t be a more courteous host, my dear Molli. Now please, go now before it’s too late."

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