Flashlights are the primary weapon in the game, wielded by Molli in her quest to rid the mansion of the curse. Each one is infused with a powerful ghost-destroying aura.

All flashlights in the game are one of three types: beam, lantern, and blade. For more information on the differences in the way each type functions, see Flashlight Types.

There are 11 flashlights that the player can unlock in the base game:

Name Type Unlock LV Cost Icon
Molli's Flashlight Beam 0 Starter Mollis flashlight ingame
Olly's Flashlight Beam N/A Listen to all of Olly's Tale Ollys flashlight ingame
Firefly Lantern Lantern 3 Soul‍2400 Firefly lantern ingame
Atomic Fenix MX Beam 6 Soul‍3000 Atomic fenix mx ingame
Buster Blade 9000 Blade 10 Soul‍9000 Buster blade 9000 ingame
Pulverizer MP40 Beam 12 Soul‍6000 Pulverizer mp40 ingame
Torchfly Lantern Lantern 17 Soul‍4800 Torchfly lantern ingame
Virusfly Lantern Lantern 22 Soul‍8400 Virusfly lantern ingame
Scorch Blade 9000R Blade 26 Soul‍16000 Scorch blade 9000R ingame
Blight Blade 9000X Blade 30 Soul‍20000 Blight blade 9000X ingame
Gorger's Lamp Beam 35 Soul‍36000 Gorgers lamp ingame

With the release of the Curse Crusher update, six more flashlights became available to unlock:

Name Type Earned from Boss Cost Icon
King's Beacon Beam Ghost Baron Soul‍60000 Kings beacon ingame
Hot Head's Chamberstick Lantern Blaze Devil Soul‍75000 Hot heads chamberstick ingame
Necro Scythe Blade Necro Scholar Soul‍90000 Necro scythe ingame
Worm Light Beam Blast Worm Soul‍105000 Worm light ingame
Jack'o Slash Blade Blade Pyro Jack Soul‍120000 Jack o slash blade ingame
Phantom's Lantern Lantern Phantom King Omega Soul‍150000 Phantoms lantern ingame
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