Health refers to the total amount of hearts that Molli has. Different enemies do different amounts and types of damage.

Leveling up earns Molli more Heart Spirits, which increase her total base health (3 Heart Spirits = 4 Heart points).

Health is divided into two types: Heart Points (HP) and Soul Heart Points (SHP). If Molli has both Hearts and Soul Hearts, her Soul hearts will be reduced first upon getting hit by an enemy.

Heart Points Edit

Heart points are the regular form of health in Candies 'n Curses. These hearts are pink in color and can be earned by maintaining a chain of ten or higher or randomly dropped from defeated ghosts. Heart drops can only be picked up when Molli has less than full health. Molli's Flashlight slightly increases the chance that defeated enemies will drop hearts.

Heart Count Edit

Once Molli is hit by an enemy, her health will drop. Hearts can be gained back by:

  • Maintaining a chain of ten or higher to slowly fill Molli's heart meter, which spawns a heart

The heart count functions as a cap on Molli's health. If all of Molli's Heart Points are full, she can't pick up any normal hearts. Molli can increase her total Heart Points by:

Once Molli drops to zero health, she can be revived by:

  • Watching an ad

When revived, she gains full HP and invincibility for a short period.

Relevant Items Edit

Charms Candies Curses
Beauty Charm Butterfly Sugar Purified Curse
Undead Charm Heart Lollipop Devil's Bargain
Gusto Charm Sugar Heart Sour Heart Curse
Fortune Charm Spirit Fudge Undead Curse
Peppermint of Souls Butter Pop Last Stand Curse
Vigor Charm Grandma's Favorite Cookie Punching Bag Curse
Rally Charm Chocolate Shell Servant's Curse
Mad Rush Curse

Soul Heart Points Edit

Soul Heart Points are the second and more flexible kind of health. These hearts are blue in color and do not require any points to be missing in order to pick them up. However, since they do not belong to a total count, lost Soul Hearts are not refilled through healing items, revives, or filling the heart meter. Like Hearts, soul hearts can be dropped by defeated ghosts. The Buster Blade 9000 slightly increases the chance that defeated enemies will drop Soul Hearts.

  • The only exception to these is the Undead Curse, which replaces all of Molli's Hearts with 80 Soul Hearts and the heart meter for a soul heart meter. Reviving after eating this curse gives Molli 12 Soul Hearts.

Relevant Items Edit

Charms Candies Curses
Undead Charm Soul Taffy Devil's Bargain
Devour Charm Spirit Fudge Holy Curse
Peppermint of Souls Heart Lollipop Undead Curse
Last Stand Curse
Living Dead Curse
Punching Bag Curse
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