Biography Edit

Hector is one of the NPCs that Molli can encounter in the Treasure Vault. He is a proud member of the Hunter's Society, and his job is to seek out and purge supernatural dens of evil. He seems to be on a mission to purge the mansion of other-worldly evil...

He instructs Molli to slay a certain amount of a specific ghost (ranging from 15-100, depending on the frequency of the ghosts in question). He rewards Molli with souls and ectoplasm, and, rarely, a charm.

Dialogue Edit

"Huh? Who are you? Great, another lost kid. Now there are TWO of them running amok in this mansion. Anyway, I’m Hector, the hunter. My job is to seek out supernatural dens of evil and purge them in the name of the Hunter’s Society! But I wouldn’t expect a kid like you to understand the importance of my line of work. Stay out of my way if you don’t want to get hurt."

"You again? What do you want?"

"Oh, it’s the pink-haired kid. Watch where you’re pointing that flashlight!"

Quest Edit

"Hey, kid. Look, this isn't something I usually do, but... I need a favor. I'm on a tight schedule, and need to slay - specific ghost - as soon as possible for my Hunter's report. I'll admit, you seem to be pretty skilled with that flashlight. If you were to give me a hand, I could reward you with something nice. So, what do you say? Just don't tell anyone else about our little arrangement, alright?"

"Kid. Did you slay the ghosts I asked about yet? I hope you didn't forget about our little arrangement. I need you to take out - specific ghost - . Let me know when the job is done."

"Hey pink-hair. According to my heightened hunter senses, I can tell you've finished the ghost hunt. Good work. We'll make this world whole again, one disintegrated ghost at a time. As I promised, here's your reward. Now remember: don't tell anyone about our little deal. I don't need my fellow hunter colleagues knowing I'm teaming up with a kid to meet my ghost quota. I've got an image to uphold."

Upon meeting Bunber the Butler (via Servant's Curse) Edit

"Kid, Stay away from that mustached ghost! He could be dangerous. As a member of the Hunter's Society, it's my sworn duty to destroy every last ghost. What? You wondering why I haven't destroyed him yet? Well, I'm biding my time and waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike! A reckless kid like yourself would never understand."

Trivia Edit

  • Hector refuses to use magic of any kind.
  • He uses a crossbow.
  • He got no respect for kids. At least, its not displayed outwardly.
  • Deep down he cares about Molli and the others, he just tries to act tough.
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