There are 6 different rooms (barring the Treasure Vault) in the Candy King's mansion, each one with their own specific themes.

# Name Required Kills Boss
1 Halls of Sorrow 75 Ghost King
2 Ember Cellar 125 Fire Spirit
3 Undead Library 175 Necro Witch
4 Dinette of Doom 200 Phantom Worm
5 Botanical Ballroom 225 Jack
6 Shudder Shade Study 300 Phantom King
N/A Treasure Vault N/A N/A

In Curse Crusher mode, six more rooms are added to a run in the form of remixed, harder versions of existing rooms, with new waves of enemies for Molli to defeat.

# Name Required Kills Boss
7 Peppermint of souls 3Halls of Sorrow 200 Ghost Baron
8 Peppermint of souls 3Ember Cellar 200 Blaze Devil
9 Peppermint of souls 3Undead Library 250 Necro Scholar
10 Peppermint of souls 3Dinette of Doom 250 Blast Worm
11 Peppermint of souls 3Botanical Ballroom 250 Pyro Jack
12 Peppermint of souls 3Shudder Shade Study 300 Phantom King Omega
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