Souls and ectoplasm are the two forms of currency in Candies n' Curses.

Currency Types Edit

Souls Edit

Souls can be dropped from defeated ghosts, bosses, found in random gift boxes, and purchased for real money in Bunber's Shop. Souls are used to purchase new flashlights and charms once they have been unlocked.

Ectoplasm Edit

While ectoplasm can also be found in gift boxes and from defeated ghosts, it does not drop from bosses and cannot be purchased. Ectoplasm is used to upgrade charms and flashlights, which can unlock better versions of abilities or extra charm slots.

Exchange Rate Edit

Souls can be exchanged for ectoplasm at a rate of ‍Soul‍5:‍Ectoplasm‍1. This exchange is offered when the player attempts an upgrade that they cannot afford. Players can also manually exchange souls to ectoplasm from a convert button in Bunber's shop.

Charms Edit

Some charms affect the drop rate of a specific currency.

Devour Charm Ecto-Collector
Soul Meter Charm Ecto-meter Charm
Lilypad Charm Lucky Break Charm

Treasures Edit

Treasures that affect the drop rate of a specific currency

Void Curse Chocolate Mousse
Living Dead Curse
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