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Sprites Edit

  • (see if possible to get) Molli holding different flashlights, lanterns, and blades
    • misc Molli sprites for her page
  • compile room gifs for halls of sorrow, ember cellar, undead library, treasure rooms
    • get share screens for each room

Data Edit

  • exact multipliers for damage/damage reduction
  • chain meter drain rate for different types
  • hints from loading screens
  • effects from the maltose machine
  • damage amount and type for ghosts
  • new descriptions for treasures
  • unlock hints for all charms

Boss Edit

  • finish basic attack info for Curse Crusher variants
  • attack names?
  • find out how phases work (how many per type, triggered by health vs time, damage types and value each attack does)

Misc Edit

  • soul and ecto costs with appropriate template attached
  • page creation and basic infobox completion for some treasures, maltose machine, etc (see here)
  • fix Health page (add more info on how hp/shp works)


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