Treasures are the power-ups that appear in the Treasure Vault. There are two kinds of treasures: candies and curses. Candies give Molli a positive effect. Curses are risky, and usually have either a neutral or negative effect as well as a positive effect. There are 17 of each type, with a total of 34 treasures.

Candies Edit

Battery-bonbon 24x24
Battery Bonbon Increase Molli's speed by x1.2.
Butterfly-sugar 24x24
Butterfly Sugar All Heart Points restored.
Butter-pop 24x24
Butter Pop Heart meter drain speed x0.8.
Chocolate-mousse 96x96
Chocolate Mousse Summons a Chocolate Mousse that bites enemies sometimes dropping extra ectoplasm.
Chocolate-shell 96x96
Chocolate Shell Gain +20 MAX Heart Points.
Cloak-gumdrop 24x24
Cloak Gumdrop Increase invincibility time by 1.5x.
Dragon-scale-yum-pop 24x24
Dragon Scale Yum Pop Fire damage -0.25x.
Grandmas-cookie 24x24
Grandma's Favorite Cookie Chain meter drains x0.8 slower.
Gross-feet-chew 24x24
Gross Feet Chew Poison damage -0.25.
Yolo-halo-bar 24x24
Halo Bar Revive next death.
Heart-lollipop 24x24
Heart Lollipop Convert all of your Soul Heart Points into Heart Points.
Jab-breaker 96x96
Jab Breaker Physical damage -0.25x.
Moonlit-bubblegum 24x24
Moonlit Bubblegum Equip a Moonlit Bubblegum shield, takes 3 hits and respawns each room.
Soul-taffy 24x24
Soul Taffy Gain +12 Soul Heart Points.
Ice-fudge 24x24
Spirit Fudge Gain +25% Heart Points & +25% Soul Heart Points.
Sugar-heart 24x24
Sugar Heart Gain 25% Heart Points.
Zappy-taffy 96x96
Zappy Taffy Molli charges a protective aura every 18 seconds. When fully charged she’ll deal 2 damage to anything she touches.

Curses Edit

Devils-bargain 24x24
Devil's Bargain Give up half your MAX Heart Points to double your current Soul Heart Points and boost the strength of Soul Hearts by 2x.
Firefly-curse 24x24
Firefly Curse Summons a sugar craved firefly that bounces around the room damaging everything it touches.
Holy-curse 24x24
Holy Curse Soul Heart drop rate x6, but Physical damage +1x.
Icy-feet-curse 24x24
Icy Feet Curse Immune to floor hazards, but causes Molli to slide when turning.
Lava-curse 24x24
Lava Curse Fire damage -0.5x, Poison damage +1x.
Last-stand-curse 96x96
Last Stand Curse Converts all of your missing Heart Points into Soul Heart Points.
Living-dead-curse 96x96
Living Dead Curse Summon Zeke, the sole zombie residing in the mansion.
Mad-rush-curse 96x96
Mad Rush Curse Gain +40 Soul Heart Points, but increase Speed +30%.
Punching-bag-curse 96x96
Punching Bag Curse Physical damage -0.5x, Soul Heart and Heart Drop multiplier is reduced to 0.
Purified-curse 24x24
Purified Curse Give up half your MAX Heart Points, heal after every room.
Reapers-curse 24x24
Reapers Curse Summons a Reaper wielding a deadly scythe. Its blade destroys ghosts, but will hurt Molli, too!
Servant s-curse 96x96
Servant's Curse Team up with Bunber the Butler, he throws bombs around the room & occasionally drops hearts!
Spicy-feet-curse 96x96
Spicy Feet Curse Fire damage -0.25x, but a dangerous lava puddle spawns at Molli's feet every time she lands.
Sour-heart-curse 24x24
Sour Heart Curse Chain meter speed x0.8, heart meter fill speed x0.5.
Toxic-curse 24x24
Toxic Curse Enemy hitting you is damaged, Fire damage +1x, Poison damage -0.5x.
Undead-curse 24x24
Undead Curse Remove all Heart Points, gain +80 Soul Heart Points.
Void-curse 96x96
Void Curse Continually suck souls out of nearby enemies, but lose half your MAX Heart Points.
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