XP (Experience) is a currency which is earned on the end of each run. Quitting the run via pause button will not reward you with XP.

Total XP (Experience) earned is based on the addition of these criteria:

  • (Total souls collected) x 1XP
  • (Enemies defeated) x 10XP
  • (Bosses defeated) x 100XP
  • (Highest chain) x 10XP

Earning enough XP will cause Molli to level up.

At N level, Molli earns N more hp.

  • Charms
  • CP

After reaching user LV 40, you will not receive any more CP or Heart Spirits for leveling up, but you will still earn rewards (100 souls, 80 ectoplasms, 1 Mystery Gift Box) per level up.

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